Upcoming Training in Columbus, OH

Join us for in Columbus, June 26-30th. Classes offered include: Accounting for Captial Assets, Managing the Budget Process, Treasury Management Best Practices, Data Analysis, Preparing a CAFR, Advanced Financial Reporting, Capital Budgeting & Infrastructure Finance, and School Budgeting Best Practices. 

Become a Standing Committee Member

Applications are now being accepted for GFOA's Standing Committees; join and participate in twice a year meetings to help develop best practices, advisories, and policy statements. 

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2017 Conference Speeches Available

Watch the presentations given by GFOA Past-President Marc Gonzales and Incoming GFOA President Pat McCoy at the GFOA’s 2017 annual conference.

2015 CAFR Award Winners

Join us in congratulating the 4,231 winners of the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR).

Governments Being Hit by Sophisticated Electronic Fraud Scams

GFOA is cautioning governments to be aware and put safeguards in place to prevent fraud.

Understanding P3 Opportunities

Public-private partnerships can be the right choice, but care should be taken or taxpayers could end up paying more than they should.