GFOA Member Spotlight: Julie Kolp

Julie Kolp is the finance director and county auditor for Dodge County, Wisconsin. She is responsible for the county’s financial operations and the design of the county’s central accounting system, along with all of its modules, including financial reporting compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, Governmental Accounting Standards Board standards, and Office of Management and Budget regulations; generating financial reports; and implementing policies and procedures, payroll, budget, internal controls, and auditing. She has been with the county for 17 years.

Kolp joined GFOA in 2002. “GFOA’s dedication to fiduciary responsibility for the public benefit, professional development and education, along with the code of professional ethics, were the main reasons,” she said. Kolp has attended GFOA annual conferences, training, and the Advanced Government Finance Institute. In 2013, she was awarded the Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship, while completing a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Ottawa University.

When it comes to professional achievements, Kolp says the county’s current implementation of a new ERP system will be unique and the first of its kind in the State of Wisconsin to accomplish enterprise-wide full utilization of the technology. She was director during the business process improvement and readiness phase of the project.

Outside of work, Kolp helps to rehabilitate troubled horses. She also enjoys trail riding and camping with her husband.