Better Budgeting FAQs

First Annual Better Budgeting web-streaming event
October 6, 2016
Encore presentation: January 12, 2017
Both at 2:00-4:00 pm (Eastern)

Thank you for your registering for GFOA’s First Annual Better Budgeting web-streaming event, using the latest video and audio streaming technology, for participants to view from their desktops. In order to best assist you with the registration process and all technical concerns, please review the following list of Frequently Asked Questions.

See also Technical FAQs for specific questions and concerns regarding technical requirements.

  • What topics will this year’s program cover?

Please see the program brochure and agenda.

  • What time will the event begin?

The web stream will begin at 2:00 pm. (Eastern Time). Please adjust the start of the program to your individual time zone. Participants will be able to begin connecting to the stream 20 minutes before the start of the program. Click here to access a time zone converter.

  • Are there breaks built into the training?

The program will be continuous from 2:00-4:00 pm (Eastern). Please see the agenda for the topic breakdown.

  • Will I be able to interact with the program?

The program will feature interactive polling questions to test retention of the material.

  • Will there be any tests I need to perform on my computer to make sure the program will run smoothly on the day of the event?

We encourage you to test your computer in advance. To do so, direct your web browser to: If you can see and hear the video, your browser is compatible. If not, please contact your IT administrator for assistance. 

The test should be completed from the same computer that you will use to view the training. If you are participating with a group of people, only one individual needs to perform the test on the computer that will be used to view the program

We do not want there to be any interruptions on the day of the event. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of working with your IT department immediately if there is a problem with the test.

  • I am experiencing technical difficulties. Whom can I contact?

E-mail or call the help line at 1-800-274-9390.

  • When will I receive the presentation slides to follow along with the program?

For the October presentation, you will be e-mailed the instructions, program link, and presentation slides on October 4. For the January encore presentation, you will be e-mailed the instructions, program link, and presentation slides on January 10.

Please add to your allowed senders list, or work with your IT department to make sure you receive e-mails from this address in your inbox.

  • How do I connect on the day of the training?

For the October presentation, you will receive an e-mail notification on October 4 in the morning with a link to the program.  (Note, we will continue to send this link out to new participants that register after October 4.) This link will take you to a registration page to collect your information and approve your acceptance into the program.

For the encore presentation on January 12, you will receive the e-mail on January 10.

  • Should my registered group view the presentation on multiple computers or should we project it onto a screen for multiple people to watch together?

It is better for organizations with low bandwidth to only have the session running on 1 computer in a conference room than to have 10 individual people running the session on 10 computers at their desks.

  • We have multiple participants sharing one computer; how can we ensure everyone will receive proper credit?

On the registration page, there will be an open text box enabling you to enter multiple participant names. This information will be captured in a report to generate CPE credits. If there were multiple registered participants sharing one computer at your location, please list each individual’s name in this box.

This will be your only opportunity to enter the names of the participants. If you are watching the program alone on your computer, please do not write your name in the text box. Your information has already been captured for CPE credit when you first logged onto the program.

Registration fee is per person and is required regardless of the individual’s need for CPE credit.

  • We want to register more participants to our group. How do we go about registering them?

Take advantage of group discounts. Please type your information on the October Group registration template or January Group registration template and save it. Please e-mail it to training with your registration form or fax it to 312.977.4806.

  • I am registered for the training but now cannot attend. Can someone from my staff attend in my place?

We allow a one-for-one substitution for government entities only. Please e-mail a written request of the change to training.

  • I am unable to participate on the day of the October presentation. Will the program be available to watch at a different time?

An encore presentation will be offered on January 12. Please e-mail training if you want to transfer to the January presentation.

  • How many CPE credits are available? When will I receive my CPE certificate in the mail?

Two CPE credits are available (Field of study: Finance). A CPE certificate will be mailed to each registered individual approximately 2 -3 weeks after the event. Any participant with an outstanding amount due will not receive a certificate until the balance has been settled.

Other questions? E-mail training.