Audit Deputy Controller

Department/Agency of position: 
Montgomery County Office of the Controller
Location of position: 
Norristown, PA
$81,382 – $89,520
Date Posted: 
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Closing Date: 
Friday, February 10, 2017
Job Description: 

• Effectively managing the internal audit activity to ensure it adds value to the organization. • Establish risk-based plans to determine the priorities of the internal audit activity, consistent with the organization’s goals. • Developing retention requirements for engagement records, regardless of the medium in which each record is stored, to be consistent with the organization’s guidelines and any pertinent regulatory or other requirements. • Developing policies governing the custody and retention of consulting engagement records, as well as their release to internal and external parties to be consistent with the organization’s guidelines and any pertinent regulatory or other requirements. • Having overall responsibility for supervising audit engagements, whether performed by or for the internal audit activity, but may designate appropriately experienced members of the internal audit activity to perform the review, while ensuring appropriate evidence of supervision is documented and retained. • Communicating audit results to the appropriate parties through reviewing and approving the final engagement communication before issuance and deciding to whom and how it will be disseminated. • Establishing and maintaining a system to monitor the disposition of results communicated to management through a follow-up process to monitor and ensure that management actions have been effectively implemented or that senior management has accepted the risk of not taking action. • Communicating the internal audit activity’s plans and resource requirements, including significant interim changes, to the Controller for review and approval. • Ensuring that internal audit resources are appropriate, sufficient, and effectively deployed to achieve the approved annual plan. • Establishing policies and procedures to guide the internal audit activity. • Sharing information and coordinating activities with other internal and external providers of assurance and consulting services to ensure proper coverage and minimize duplication of efforts. • Reporting periodically to the Controller on the internal audit activity’s purpose, authority, responsibility, and performance relative to its plan. • Controlling access to engagement records and obtaining the approval of the Controller and/or legal counsel prior to releasing such records to external parties, as appropriate. • Developing and maintaining a quality assurance and improvement program that covers all aspects of the internal audit activity. • Coordinating peer reviews and evaluating the qualifications and independence of the external reviewer or review team, including any potential conflict of interest. • Periodically reviewing the internal audit charter and presenting it to the Controller for approval. • Communicating to the Controller, details on the internal audit activity’s performance relative to its annual plan and other matters • Coordinating the annual Single Audit and Financial Statement Audit. • Conducting special examinations at the request of management.