Communicate Efficiently

Communication is important so that the right people understand and support the recovery plan. Communications should be judicious and focused on the appropriate audience. Here are a few points for selecting the audience:
  • Communicate upward to the governing board and other enabling authorities. Make sure that those with final decision-making power are on board.
  • Communicate outwards to important partners. Communicate to outside groups that will have a direct and powerful influence over the success of recovery. This might include lenders, rating agencies, courts, state agencies, or influential community groups or members. 
  • Communicate with surrounding and regional jurisdictions. They can be a source of innovative recovery ideas and share information about what is going on in the political and economic environment.
  • Communicate downward to the organization. Employees will directly determine the success of most recovery strategies. Make sure they understand what is going on. Ask for feedback and suggestions.

Internet and e-mail are an excellent way to distribute mass updates to a focused list of subscribers.

There is no substitute for personal communication. Effective ways of disseminating the message include one-on-one meetings with board members, attending a meeting of an influential community group, and staff meetings.

If possible, include a communication plan element within the recovery plan, naming the individual(s) who are responsible for getting the messages out as well as the contact person for inquiries.
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