Strongly consider using temporary, cross-functional work teams to carry out the implementation. In addition to providing support to the core recovery team, this will help the organization become more proficient at teamwork. Teamwork is essential to becoming a high-performing organization. Teams also help employees feel that they are part of the solution, thereby reducing their anxiety about the recovery.

To get a team off to a good start, try to give it a goal that has the following characteristics:
  • Is an urgent initiative that gets the team’s attention.
  • Can be broken down into smaller, achievable “chunks.” This allows the team to proceed in small steps and realize some early victories.
  • Focuses on tangible results.
  • Is something that team members have always wanted to do (e.g., fix a long-time problem)
  • Is achievable within the resources and authority available to the team.

Also, make sure when the team is formed that it takes time for the members to get acquainted and develop guidelines for working together. Time for up-front teambuilding could pay big dividends, especially if the team has a complex task. Click to learn more about teambuilding.


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