Michael M. Nielsen
Government Fixed Asset Services, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Mike Nielsen is Director, Government Fixed Asset Services, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.  Nielsen has served state and local governments for over 20 years in both the valuation and the accounting/advisory professions.  In 1999 he established Government Fixed Asset Services, Inc.

His areas of activity currently include GASB Statement No. 34 capital asset assessment and planning studies, GASB Statement No. 34 general infrastructure implementation facilitation, capital asset policy and procedure reviews, and general consulting related to property accounting for financial reporting purposes in government.

Nielsen has conducted presentations on the subject of capital asset accounting and reporting for about 30 State GFOA Conferences across the United States and has spoken at the National GFOA Annual Conference numerous times.  He has also conducted presentations for the AICPA, State CPA Societies, and others.

Nielsen is a past advisor to the GFOA Standing Committee on Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting (1996 – 2002) and provided input on recent Recommended Practices of the GFOA including The Need for Periodic Inventories of Capitalized Fixed Assets (1997); Establishing Appropriate Capitalization Thresholds for Fixed Assets (1997, updated/revised 2000); Considerations on the Use of the Modified Approach for Infrastructure Assets (2002); and Establishing the Estimated Useful Lives of Capital Assets (2002).

Nielsen received a BA degree from DePaul University of Chicago and an MA from Loyola University of Chicago.