Linda T. Patterson, CCM, is President of Patterson and Associates.  Linda is a registered investment advisor with her firm specializing in short and intermediate portfolio management for governmental entities with $5 billion under management.

Linda has been a hands-on public funds manager since 1983.  She served as the Texas Deputy State Treasurer/Director of Investments with responsibility for $20 billion portfolio including the state pool, Texpool, and managing not only the investment area but several operational aspects of the Treasury including the Divisions of Cash Management, Federal Reserve Transfer/Clearing, Texas Trust Company, Securities Management and Cash Flow Forecasting.  While at Treasury, she brought the portfolios to a more pro-active strategy which served the State as well as its two major pension systems.  She instituted a matched book (reverse repo) system for the State and created a complete oil/gas hedging program to manage the oil/gas severance taxes coming off the State’s lands.  Linda also instituted a full compliance system for brokers/dealers.

Formerly, Linda was City Treasurer of the City of Fort Worth for six years and Deputy for two years.  With the City from 1977 to 1991 she served as the Accounting Systems Manager and Director of Policy and Productivity before entering Treasury as Deputy Treasurer.  While in Fort Worth, she totally revised the banking and investment processes resulting in additional safety, modernized systems and record earnings.  She instituted securities lending and moved the portfolios to a more pro-active position.  She established rebate programs, improved cash handling throughout the City as well as established a centralized internal collection agency.

Linda co-authored and played a central role in passage of the State Public Funds Investment Act of 1987 which established and opened investment alternatives for all Texas governmental entities and is the rule for public entities in Texas.  In 1989, she initiated the Public Funds Collateral Act to protect public depository funds and establish collateral requirements for the first time.  She sat on the national GFOA Cash Management Committee for a total of nine years.  Before leaving the City she had been an officer and President-Elect of MTA US&C and founded the Texas Treasurer’s Association.  She received the MTA’s highest award, the Phillips Award, in 1990 and an outstanding service award in 1996.

Linda has written two books on public funds investing for Thomson Financial and Public Treasury Institute.  She teaches nationally for many professional organizations such as national GFOA, state GFOA organizations and school districts.