Learning from the Evidence: Evaluation and Making Adjustments to the Budget - December 13, 2012

Group Internet-based course
Prerequisites: None
Course Level: Intermediate
CPE Credits: 1
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. (ET)   


Who Will Benefit
This seminar is designed for budget and finance officers looking to incorporate learning and improvement into budget planning and ongoing budget monitoring.

Program Overview
Even though strategic plans are created once every few years, and budgets are developed annually, incorporating performance management and evidenced-based decision making into the budget process creates the opportunity for managers to learn and react throughout the year to improve services and deliver better results. This session will explain how governments have been able to use performance budgeting to effectively target funds to programs and services that deliver the best results.

Seminar Objectives
  • Develop an effective process for incorporating performance data in departmental budget requests
  • Enable participants to improve short- and long-term management decisions and results.
  • Understand the power of linking planning, budgeting, and day-to-day decision making for improving performance
  • Create an effective structure that allows for continuous focus on improvement
  • Learn how to use performance management in the budget process to improve year-round management and contribute to the jurisdiction’s long-term success.

Recommended Reading
  • The State and Local Government Performance Management Sourcebook
    • GFOA’s latest publication on performance management presents findings from over two years of research into identifying trends and leading practices among public-sector practitioners across the United States and Canada. The book explains essential components of a performance management system including budgeting, public participation, evaluation, management, and technology and provides strategies to help governments use performance management as a tool to be more accountable, make better decisions, and ultimately improve services. Also included in the book is a listing of public-sector performance management efforts.
  • Financing the Future: Long-Term Financial Planning for Local Government
    • Faced with downward pressures on tax revenues, increasing expenditures, shifting demographics, as well as a host of other complex challenges, local governments need a new approach to planning. Readers of Financing the Future will discover key features of a successful long-term financial plan; phases pivotal to plan implementation; and how to involve elected officials, staff, and citizens to create a plan that gets results that are valuable to their community. With this publication, you will learn how to achieve and maintain long-term financial sustainability.
  • A Performance Management Framework for State and Local Governments