David Schmiedicke is currently the Finance Director for the City of Madison, Wisconsin.  In that role, he assists the Mayor and Common Council in developing and implementing a budget of nearly $500 million, oversees the city’s accounting and payroll system, and manages the city’s debt portfolio.  The City’s Finance Department is also responsible for purchasing, ambulance billing, central administrative support, and document services functions.

David has been a career budget and finance professional for nearly 25 years. He was appointed by Governors of both parties to serve as State of Wisconsin Budget Director and Deputy State Budget Director from 2001 to 2011.  In that capacity, he oversaw development of the state’s $60 billion biennial budget, management of the state’s enterprise accounting function, and implementation of the state’s capital finance and debt management activities.  David has also served as Secretary of the State of Wisconsin Building Commission and Administrator of the State of Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development, helping to manage the State of Wisconsin’s annual building program.  

As a budget and finance professional, David has worked with evidence-based approaches to developing budgets.  At the State of Wisconsin, program measures have been incorporated into budget documents for each major program of state agencies.  The City of Madison has had for several years a “Madison Measures” document that provides comprehensive data on the performance of city programs.  The City is currently engaged in upgrading this program to have a more direct linkage between organizational effectiveness and performance measures.