IT Solutions: Technology A to Z for the Finance Officer - February 10, 2014

Group-live course
Prerequisites: None

CPE credits: 8
Time: 1 day, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Who Will Benefit
Finance Officers who have responsibility for the information technology function, or who interact frequently with IT, and finance officers who want to integrate enterprise technologies to improve effectiveness and reduce cost.

Participants will receive an overview of IT functions, staffing, budgetary concerns, and technology, ensuring effective communications with IT staff, from the help desk to the CIO. Participants will also learn IT terminology and concepts, including frequently discussed items such as cloud computing, hosted solutions, and social media. Instructors will also discuss security, desktop technology, and other day-to-day IT topics. Armed with an overview of how IT functions, participants will then move into specific technologies such as asset management, GIS systems, ERP systems, 311 systems, and other platforms, learning about enterprise systems and their impact on budgets, operating costs, and staffing. Participants will learn how these technologies can be tied together to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Seminar Objectives

  • Learn how the information technology typically functions in local government
  • Understand the key issues and concerns of information technology departments
  • Understand how IT staffing, budgeting, and technology planning occur
  • Learn effective means of communicating with IT
  • Understand IT concepts such as cloud computing and hosting, and how they affect IT planning
  • Gain a baseline understanding of enterprise-wide technologies such as ERP systems, GIS, asset management, and 311 systems
  • Learn how to effectively plan and manage an enterprise-wide computing environment

Recommended Reading
  • IT Budgeting and Decision Making, edited by Shayne Kavanagh
  • The ERP Book:  Financial Management Technology from A to Z, edited by Dave Melbye
  • Technologies for Government Transformation, edited by Shayne Kavanagh and Rowan Miranda


Registration Fees
GFOA member: $370  Nonmember: $550