Performance Management

The GFOA’s Approach

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Researchand Consulting Center (RCC) can provide onsite assistance to government organizations as they plan and implement performance-related initiatives. Recognizing the challenge of assessing and allocating resources for performance measurement systems, the RCC:

  • Assists in identifying performance indicators that reflect anorganization’s progress toward achievingPerformance Measurement Image long-range goals ortargets,
  • Cultivates a common vision and system design, and
  • Assists governments in aligning resources appropriately.



The RCC offers the following services to help organizations link performance measurement to the overall strategic plan:


Facilitated Visioning Session. Develop a common vision,focus,and purpose for the performance management system as well as an updated strategic plan document that provides the foundation for the development of objectives and outcome measures.


Development of a Performance Management System and Design and Implementation Plan. Design a performancemeasurement system and implementation plan to address thefollowing key issues:

  • Development of standard performance measurement terminology,
  • Selection of reporting methodologies and formats,
  • Review of performance data management issues such as chart of accounts,
  • Identification of key components and detailed implementation plan,and
  • Assessment of capabilities and issues related to the management of performance measurement data.


Cross-Organizational Training. Provide customized training tostaff across the organization during the implementation process in order to facilitate success in developing a performance management system.


Development of Key Performance Management System Components. Following completion of a performance management design and implementation plan, RCC consultants assist in the development of system components. These may include the creation or modification of a strategic plan, development of departmental objectives and performance measures, or the acquisition of new technology systems for the collection and analysis of performance measure data.


Performance measures provide government officials with a proven tool to evaluate how resources are used to achieve program goals, objectives, and outcomes. Performance management systems allow public officials to provide program quality and productivity while controlling costs.