Banking Services 

The RCC staff works with you to define your key business requirements, identify beneficial new technologies and banking services, develop a request for proposal RFP document, evaluate proposals, analyze pricing, and negotiate a contract that provides the highest service level for the lowest possible cost.


Banking Services Process


Business Requirements and RFP Development. Review current banking relationship and assess gaps in existing services to develop comprehensive requirements for the future.Tasks include:

  • Develop a project plan to assist in identifying the project manager and key staff and create a project timeline.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the current banking relationship and develop business requirements inventory and evaluation criteria for the RFP.
  • Assist in producing a comprehensive RFP to ensure that the government’s needs and requirements are captured and clearly articulated.


Banking Services Selection. Support a government’s banking selection and elevation decisions through a five-step process to increase the likelihood of obtaining the desired banking services at a competitive cost. Steps include:

  • Develop a step-by-step evaluation plan.
  • Review and assess the major strengths and weaknesses of each response to the RFP, including requirements analysis, technology considerations, bank creditworthiness, proposed implementation and training methodologies and plans, and the bank’s experience with similar governments.
  • Develop demonstration scripts and evaluation tools to guide vendor presentations.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews for each vendor invited to perform product demonstrations.
  • Facilitate a meeting with the government to determine the vendor finalists.


Contract Negotiations. Develop a unique, competitive contracting methodology and assist governments by facilitating negotiation sessions and final selection.