IT Governance and Management 

The RCC can help your organization develop the processes, tools, and techniques to implement the above practices and realize the greatest value from your technology assets. IT Governance and Management Advisory services include:

  • Assessing a government’s information technology function, its processes, as well as the IT department’s interactions with other departments.
  • A thorough investigation to understand the current portfolioof IT services, internal customer satisfaction, the cost of the services, and the impact of the services on achieving the results that matter to citizens.
  • Researching how other jurisdictions have improved their delivery of technology services through techniques such as:
    • Shared services,
    • User chargeback systems,
    • Standard setting, and
    • Joint IT strategic planning.


We will use the data we collect from your organization, our knowledge of industry leading practices, and our own extensive experience to recommend tangible steps to improve service and contain costs.


IT Governance and Management Image