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The GFOA has entered into a joint project with the Public Strategies Group (PSG), the originators of Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO), with the expressed goal of making BFO more accessible and easier to implement for smaller and mid-sized governments. GFOA and PSG are working together to bring you tools, training, and information on the innovative BFO approach. We hope this website provides you with information on BFO for Smaller Communities, coaching, and training. 


The purpose of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is to enhance and promote the professional management of governments for the public benefit by identifying and developing financial policies and practices and promoting them through education, training and leadership.The Research and Consulting Center (RCC) is the management analysis and consulting arm of the GFOA. The RCC is nationally recognized for its comprehensive analytical and advisory services, as well as for specialized research on state and local government finance. Since beginning operations in 1977, the RCC has provided management and technology advisory services to hundreds of local, county, and state governments; public utilities; elementary and secondary education systems; and transit authorities.


The Public Strategies Group (PSG) specializes in designing creative solutions for those public organizations that want to delight their customers with outstanding service at reasonable prices. Our firm consists of a small group of some of this country's most advanced thinkers and practitioners of post-bureaucratic government.

PSG works exclusively with public organizations helping them transform themselves into customer-focused enterprises. Our mission is to be the best resource in the world for transforming governance. We are people who have dedicated our careers to public service. We have experienced firsthand the challenges public managers and elected officials face in giving citizens more value for their money.