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As a leading research organization in public finance and technology solutions, the Government Finance Officers (GFOA) Research and Consulting Center (RCC) merges unparalleled operational experience with practitioner focused research to assist governments in technology projects. Our consultants have developed a comprehensive methodology that includes assistance with IT governance, system assessment, requirements gathering, procurement, contract negotiations, and implementation advisory services to help organizations reach their goals and achieve the greatest value from their technology projects.  Specific GFOA services include:
Needs Assessment: GFOA consultants will work with an organization to identify future business objectives and then assess current administrative systems to identify unmet needs.  GFOA’s needs assessment report then provides an analysis of feasible alternatives and provides a recommendation on the most appropriate solution given consideration of all potential decision factors.  As part of the needs assessment, GFOA can prepare a business case analysis that identifies expected costs and benefits of various options.

Process Mapping: Mapping current as-is processes allows governments to fully understand their processes leading to the identification of improvement opportunities.  Process mapping also leads into development of change management strategies and can begin to prepare an organization for deployment of a modern system.

Change Management Assistance: GFOA recognizes that the success of any large enterprise project depends on the ability to adapt to the changes that technology brings to both business process and organizational culture.  We assist our clients with the development of a change management strategy and action plan that address challenges in building a change management team, communications strategy, and support for the people side of the project. 

System Requirements Development: Functional requirements serve three main purposes in a GFOA engagement 1) communicate the desired scope and functionally to  vendors 2) allow for easy comparison between vendors during the selection process and 3) provide acceptance criteria and contractual documentation to ensure the project delivers the intended results.  GFOA takes a business process approach to developing system requirements that considers GFOA’s best practice focus, past project experience, and the organization’s goals.  Requirement develop is the foundation for all GFOA services related to procurement, selection, negotiations, and implementation assistance.

RFP Development: GFOA can assist governments in preparing an RFP for software and implementation services.  GFOA developed RFPs are written to allow staff to easily compare proposals and begin to prepare the organization for implementation.  GFOA consultants will work with the organization to focus the RFP specifically on products and services that are required to avoid purchasing unnecessary products and ensuring the scope of professional services is appropriate.

System Selection: GFOA guides governments through the selection process and assists with identifying risks and potential issues so the government has the confidence to make decisions.  GFOA’s typical system selection process includes a detailed proposal assessment, demo facilitation, and detailed implementation planning.

Contract Negotiation:
Often, with little to no technology contract experience, governments face a significant disadvantage during contract negotiations with software vendors that have negotiated contracts many times over. In order to bridge the experience gap, the RCC has developed a unique competitive contracting methodology that supports a government’s procurement and legal team with the contract negotiations and statement of work development. GFOA has successfully negotiated with all major software vendors and is able to use that experience to achieve significant costs savings, and mitigate implementation risk.

Implementation Advisory Services: Large system implementations offer incredible promise for improving business processes, empowering employees with tools to become more effective, and ultimately transforming the entire organization.  However, implementation of these systems is a complex effort. While ERP software has improved greatly over the past few years, the extent at which organizations are able to benefit from this technology is still dependent on a successful implementation.

GFOA’s implementation advisory services were designed to focus primarily on project management assistance, contract compliance, and business process improvement to best enhance a government’s chance for project success both in terms of deployment of new technology and creating positive changes to leverage that technology.   Specific tasks including in many implementation advisory service projects include:
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Deliverable Review
  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Documentation
  • Testing Support
  • Contract Issue Resolution
  • Governance Support


Post Project Review: GFOA also conducts limited scope reviews post-implementation to help governments maximize the value of their ERP investment.  Post project reviews regularly leverage GFOA’s member network and involve benchmarking research.

For more information on GFOA consulting services or to inquire about engaging GFOA consulting, please contact Rob Roque, GFOA Consulting Senior Manager at 312-977-9700 or by email

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