Budget and Management Training Seminars

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The GFOA offers a range of budgeting and management training seminars. These seminars emphasize the variety of government financial roles, including budgeting, strategic planning, performance management, long-term financial planning, and disaster planning.

Featured Training Seminars

Budget Analysts Training Academy

The Budget Analyst Training Academy is a “must attend” for beginning and intermediate budget analysts that seek to develop a mastery of the local governmental budgeting environment. Presented by leading practitioners and researchers in the budgeting field, this critical offering will empower budget analysts with core and advanced analytical tools and concepts to help them conduct better financial analysis, and to enable them to help their financial managers make improved resource planning decisions.

Long-Term Financial Planning

In the face of worsening economic conditions and economic pressure, governments look to financial planning to determine the magnitude of fiscal challenges and to devise strategies to provide a sustainable level of public services. Participants in this course will be exposed to practical analytical methods for communicating the importance of financial planning with elected officials, the public, and staff; conducting expenditure and revenue forecasting; developing a long-term financial plan; and implementing and monitoring the plan for success.

Introduction to Performance Management

This introductory-level course provides the fundamentals of governmental performance measurement and management processes. Course material is presented with the goal of preparing budget department and operating department staff and others with the necessary information to carry out their responsibilities in a performance-based environment. This session will focus on performance measurement and analysis as part of an integrated approach to performance management that includes planning, goal setting, budgeting, decision-making, evaluation, and reporting.

Alternative Service Delivery

Is your local government providing its services in the best and most cost effective way?  Increased scrutiny on how governments allocate scarce budget resources and heightened citizen demands for services require governments to carefully evaluate the services they provide and determine the best method for delivering them to constituents.
This seminar provides information on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative service delivery; determining which services are best suited for this approach; and evaluating the effectiveness and benefits of alternative service delivery methods.

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