Rick Hoppe

Chief of Staff, Mayor's Office
City of Lincoln, NE

Rick Hoppe is in his seventh year as Chief of Staff for Lincoln, Nebraska Mayor Chris Beutler.  He is responsible for effectively and efficiently implementing the Mayor’s policies with a 2,000 person workforce and a $250 million budget.  Rick leads the City’s “outcome based budgeting” process and Mayor Beutler’s implementation of performance standards.  Rick came to municipal government after careers in state government and political consulting.  Rick served as an aide to Nebraska State Senators Don Wesely and Gwen Howard and as Research Analyst to the Legislature’s Health & Human Services Committee, working on hundreds of bills. As a consultant, Rick ran or provided services to over 100 campaigns for his firm Hoppe & Associates and is the only consultant to manage three winning Mayoral races (Don Wesely in 1999, Coleen Seng in 2003, and Chris Beutler in 2007).  Other significant victories included a $100 million school bond to build Lincoln North Star and Lincoln Southwest High Schools in 1999, at that point the largest voter approved property tax increase in the State’s history.  He also managed the 2004 effort that led to the City’s voter approved indoor smoking ban.