3. Collective Decision-making

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Leadership strategies & Institutionalize Design Principles engaged by this support:

      • Leadership Strategy #5: Ensure that Key Stakeholders Remain Engaged​: Giving stakeholders a voice gets them engaged. If they feel they have no way to voice concerns, they are likely to stop supporting the local government or leave the community entirely. Local government leaders should enable people to voice conerns and, in doing so,  build people's commitment to the sucess of the organization. 
      • Institutional Design Principle #1: Collective Choice Arrangements​: When people particiapte in making decisions, the decisions will better reflect the people's needs. It will support perceptions of legitimacy in how public resources are used. 
      • Institutional Design Principle #2: Networked Enterprises: Many complex challenges demand more resources than governments have. Local governments can share services to save costs. Even further, local governments can join with other public, private, and nonprofit organizations to form a network of enterprises committed to addressing community challenges at a sustainable cost. ​


Collective decision-making is critical to avoiding a Tragedy of the Commons in local government. Engaging people in decision-making gives them a voice. When people have a voice they will feel more committed to the success of the organization. Engaging people in decision-making can also improve the quality of decisions because the decisions will better reflect people’s needs. This supports perceptions of legitimacy in how public resources are used. This means that local governments will need more robust capabilities for public engagement than perhaps have been available in the past. The objectives are to engage stakeholders, to help stakeholders feel committed to the success of the organization, and to build legitimacy in the process.

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