Debt Management Policy Examples

This page provides examples of debt management policies and templates provided by GFOA member organizations.

Policy Examples

Yellow highlights may have been added to some policies to help you locate relevant material.

City of Bellevue, Washington (pop. 142,000)

Contra Costa County, California (pop. 1,135,000)

City of Roanoke, Virginia (pop. 100,000)

City of Forest Park, Ohio (pop. 19,000)

Kansas City, Missouri (pop. 482,000)

City of Portland, Oregon (pop. 640,000)

City of Roanoke, Virginia (pop. 100,000)

City of San Luis Obispo, California (pop. 48,000)

City of San Diego, California (pop. 1,407,000)

San Diego County, California (pop. 3,300,000)

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Sedgwick County, Kansas (pop. 511,000)

City of Westerville, Ohio (pop. 37,000)