GFOA Files Comments on MSRB’s Strategic Plan

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On November 10, 2016, GFOA, along with the Leadership of the Committee on Governmental Debt Management, filed comments on the MSRB’s fiscal year 2017 Strategic Plan. The message reiterated approval for the MSRB’s work on EMMA, especially the development of platforms and features that enhance an issuer’s ability to use EMMA with greater ease and consistency, as evidenced in the groups’ recent work on improving the bank loan function. However, GFOA would appreciate the MSRB continuing to reach out to the association about further educational efforts and enhancements to EMMA. Specifically, GFOA's recommendations that would:

  • Improve the EMMA user interface.
  • Make data correction/modification of EMMA input easier for issuers.
  • Allow for a seamless flow of data between EMMA and other systems and sources.

GFOA asks the MSRB to be aware of and commit attention to the needs of smaller governments, including cost impacts and educational efforts needed to ensure their robust use of EMMA. Finally, GFOA’s comments include compliments for the MSRB’s significant outreach and education efforts to the issuer community and recognition of the wide range of online training resources that are publicly available to users of EMMA. Please click on the link below to see the read GFOA’s comment letter in response to MSRB’s request for comments.