Black Caucus Chair’s Message to GFOA Membership

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Good afternoon.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Multicultural Coalition Taskforce, all those who participated in the Multicultural Coalition survey, and all those who attended the annual meeting at the GFOA Black Caucus in Toronto. Higher than normal attendance and lively participation contributed to a healthy conversation about expanding the scope and mission of the Black Caucus.

The Executive Board of the Black Caucus met on October 15, 2016, to discuss the results of the survey. Based on the focused efforts of the Multicultural Coalition’s Taskforce, the results of the Multicultural Coalition survey, and the feedback received during the general meeting, the executive leadership of the Black Caucus determined that the organization should continue in its current form. It will do so with keen focus on its original mission, which is to “diligently support the aspirations and achievements of African-American public finance officers; to pursue professional development opportunities for our members; and to sponsor projects to assist African-Americans seeking careers in government finance.”

That said, the Black Caucus membership remains inclusive to all! Our forum provides fellowship for sharing thoughts, ideas, and initiatives that advance all those public finance officers who identify as underrepresented. We want you to join the conversation!

We also received very positive feedback from the survey specific to mission attainment. We plan to deliver on this. For example, the Black Caucus Board will embark on a revitalized mentorship program, periodic information sharing through the GFOA newsletter, and collaboration with other organization such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. All of these initiatives have the goal of enhancing the profession of public finance and encouraging more minority and student involvement.

Again, thanks to all for your input and direction. We are looking forward to the challenges and successes of a new year and always reaching to attain the mission of the GFOA’s Black Caucus with you.

Lunda Asmani, CPFO, Black Caucus Chair
Director of Management and Budgets, City of Norwalk, Connecticut