GFOA and Issuer Groups’ Message to Congress: Munis Build Infrastructure

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

On January 10, 2017, GFOA and 28 other issuer groups, including our state and local sister organizations, sent a message to the entire Congress in support of the preservation of the tax exemption of municipal bond interest. The message reiterated that the municipal bond is the only infrastructure financing tool that is accessible to jurisdictions of all sizes to effectively access the capital markets. We emphasize that the municipal bond is the best way to effectively implement the infrastructure needs of each community because decision making is made at the local level. Read our letter.

Will you join the effort? Tell us your story!

GFOA continues to develop information for distribution to Congress about the tax exemption on municipal bond interest, including data showing the costs local governments may incur should the tax exemption come under review in comprehensive tax reform.

But the most effective communication comes from you.

What have municipal bonds built in your jurisdiction? Will you share pictures of the projects built by bonds? Jump on the hashtag #BuiltByBonds and @GFOA along with your Congressional representatives. Please let the Federal Liaison Center know of any communication heading up to your senator or representative, or let us know how we can help your efforts. Contact Emily S. Brock.