GFOA's Federal Liaison Center Releases New Advocacy Resources

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
GFOA’s Federal Liaison Center has released two new advocacy resources in the campaign to modernize laws that govern municipal bonds. In a full production effort, the two educational videos detail the importance of restoring advance refunding to the federal tax code, and updating the laws behind bank qualified debt.
These informative videos take on the task of explaining the current status of laws governing municipal bonds while simultaneously promoting needed changes that will help public issuers remain capable of providing vital services for their stakeholders. This significant effort is supported by several members of the Public Finance Network (PFN), a coalition united in support of public finance, and was introduced during the “Unlocking Municipal Bond Potential – How Modernization Can Drive Local Investment” event.
Sponsored by the PFN and held at the U.S. Capitol, the event was attended by both leaders of the House Municipal Finance Caucus and members of the House Ways and Means Committee. The event featured remarks from leaders of public finance and members of Congress.
The educational videos can be viewed through the following links:
The Federal Liaison Center will continue to advocate for the interests of GFOA members and those serving the interest of the public.