State/Provincial Associations

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Namesort ascending Abbreviation Organization Type Website
Wyoming Association of Municipalities WAM State/Provincial
Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks & Treasurers WAMCAT State/Provincial
Wisconsin GFOA WGFOA State/Provincial
West Virginia GFOA WVGFOA State/Provincial
Washington Finance Officers Association WFOA State/Provincial
Virginia GFOA VGFOA State/Provincial
Vermont GFOA VTGFOA State/Provincial
Utah GFOA UGFOA State/Provincial
U.S. Virgin Islands GFOA USVIGFOA State/Provincial
Tennessee GFOA TNGFOA State/Provincial
Swedish Association of Local Government Finance Officers KEF International
South Dakota Municipal League SDML State/Provincial
Saskatchewan GFOA SAGFOA State/Provincial
Rhode Island GFOA RIGFOA State/Provincial
Pennsylvania GFOA GFOAPA State/Provincial
Oregon State Fiscal Association OSFA State/Provincial
Oregon Government Finance Officers Association Oregon GFOA State/Provincial
Oklahoma Municipal League OML State/Provincial
Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers Association OMCTFOA State/Provincial
Ohio Municipal League OML State/Provincial
Ohio GFOA OHGFOA State/Provincial
North Dakota League of Cities NDLC State/Provincial
North Carolina Local Government Budget Association NCLGBA State/Provincial
North Carolina GFOA NCGFOA State/Provincial
NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement NIGP Other
New York State GFOA NYSGFOA State/Provincial
New Mexico Municipal League NMML State/Provincial
New Mexico GFOA NMML State/Provincial
New Jersey GFOA GFOANJ State/Provincial
New Hampshire GFOA NHGFOA State/Provincial
New England States GFOA NESGFOA State/Provincial
Nevada GFOA NGFOA State/Provincial
National Association of State Budget Officers NASBO Other
Municipal Association of South Carolina MASC State/Provincial
Montana League of Cities and Towns MMCTFOA State/Provincial
Missouri Municipal League State/Provincial
Missouri City Clerks & Finance Officers Association MOCCFOA State/Provincial
Minnesota GFOA MNGFOA State/Provincial
Michigan GFOA MIGFOA State/Provincial
Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators MASA State/Provincial
MFOA of Ontario MFOAON State/Provincial
MFOA of Ohio MFOA State/Provincial
Massachusetts GFOA MGFOA State/Provincial
Maryland Government Finance Officers Association MDGFOA State/Provincial
Maine GFOA MEGFOA State/Provincial
Louisiana GFOA LAGFOA State/Provincial
Local Government Finance Professionals Association of Queensland LGFP International
League of Nebraska Municipalities LNM State/Provincial
Kvalitetsmassan International
Kentucky GFOA KYGFOA State/Provincial
Kansas GFOA KSGFOA State/Provincial
Israeli Municipal Finance Directors Association International
Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association IMFOA State/Provincial
Indiana Municipal Finance Officers Association IMFOA State/Provincial
Illinois GFOA IGFOA State/Provincial
Idaho City Clerks, Treasurers & Finance Officers Association ICCTFOA State/Provincial
Great Plains GFOA (Nebraska and Iowa) GPGFOA State/Provincial
Governmental Accounting Standards Board GASB Other
Government Finance Officers of Arizona GFOAz State/Provincial
GFOA Washington Metropolitan Area GFOA-WMA State/Provincial
GFOA of Texas GFOAT State/Provincial
GFOA of South Carolina GFOASC State/Provincial
GFOA of Oklahoma OMCTFOA State/Provincial
GFOA of Missouri GFOAMO State/Provincial
GFOA of Connecticut GFOACT State/Provincial
Georgia GFOA GGFOA State/Provincial
Florida GFOA FGFOA State/Provincial
Colorado GFOA CGFOA State/Provincial
Colorado Association of School Business Officials ASBO State/Provincial
Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada CPA Canada Other
Chartered Institute of Government Finance, Audit, & Risk Officers CIGFARO International
Canadian Association of Government Finance Officers CAGFO State/Provincial
California Society of Municipal Finance Officers CSMFO State/Provincial
California Municipal Treasurers Association CMTA State/Provincial
British Columbia GFOA GFOABC State/Provincial
Association of School Business Officials International ASBO State/Provincial
Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia AMANS State/Provincial
Association of Idaho Cities AIC Other
Association of Financiers of Local Self-Government Units of Georgia GFA International
Arkansas GFOA ARGFOA State/Provincial
Alberta GFOA GFOAAB State/Provincial
Alaska GFOA AGFOA State/Provincial
Alabama GFOA GFOAA State/Provincial