GFOA’s Research and Consulting Center (RCC) is nationally recognized for its comprehensive analytical and advisory services, as well as for research on issues specific to state and local governments’ financial management. Since beginning operations in 1977, the RCC has assisted hundreds of cities, counties, public utilities; and other forms of government to create best practice solutions to meet their unique challenges. GFOA’s highly skilled staff delivers practitioner focused services that leverage the GFOA member network, lessons learned from past research and consulting experience, and each individual consultant’s public sector background.

GFOA has significant experience with core governmental functions including financial management, budget, capital planning, procurement, human resource management, and information technology. Our research and consulting focus lies in performance management and performance budgeting, strategic planning, organizational assessment, and technology applications.

Our consulting services focus on practical solutions based on our experience working directly with governments, the lessons learned obtained from our ongoing research program, and guidance from GFOA’s best practices.