Informed Decision-Making through Forecasting: A Practitioner's Guide to Government Revenue Analysis Book Materials

Supplementary Materials

The materials and methods included in this section are intended to accompany Informed Decision-Making through Forecasting: A Practitioners Guide to Government Revenue Analysis. The additional information contained in this section is useful to those readers who want to follow along and use examples found in the book. This data includes tables, graphs, formulas, and other exhibits.


Additional Articles from the Authors

Chapter 4, Exploratory Analysis

Chapter 5, Judgment Forecasting

Chapter 6, Extrapolation Forecasting

Chapter 7, Regression Forecasting

Chapter 8, How to Select a Forecasting Method

Chapter 10, Implement Forecasting Methods: Dealing with Uncertainty

Chapter 12, Use Forecasts: Presentation

Chapter 13, Use Forecast: Monitor and Update

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