Women's Public Finance Network

The Women's Public Finance Network is a voluntary association of women, elected and appointed officials, and other women finance professionals, formed within the GFOA of the United States and Canada to encourage active involvement and full participation of women members in the organization, policy-making process, and programs of the GFOA.

In carrying out this mission the Women's Public Finance Network will:

  • Develop a core network of women GFOA members to coordinate communications within the group;
  • Serve as a primary resource to the GFOA identifying and providing the names, qualifications, expertise, and interest of public finance practitioners eligible for GFOA and other nationally appointed positions; and
  • Coordinate its activities and programs in such a manner so as not to detract from GFOA activities and program.

WPFN By-Laws (revised May 2019)

WPFN 2019-2024 Strategic Plan


2019-2020 Officers

GFOA Staff

Eligibility: GFOA's WPFN is open to any active or associate GFOA member.