GFOA Resource Center for Coronavirus Response

In efforts to support the response to the spread of COVID-19, GFOA is compiling resource materials to help. Learn more

GFOA's 114th Annual Conference Moving from In-Person to Virtual: Learn more

GFOA Launches Fiscal First Aid Resource Center

As local governments work to deal with the public health crisis, they must also take action to deal with the economic and fiscal crisis that is shaping up from loss in revenue and increase in expenditures. To help local government deal with the tenuous financial situation, GFOA has put together a number of resources to guide in the recovery efforts. 

Applications Extended for WPFN Mentorship Program

GFOA's Women's Public Finance Network is extending the application deadline for its mentorship program to April 17, 2020. WPFN’s mentorship...

GFOA Debt Committee Releases Urgent Member Guidance

This week, GFOA's Debt Committee released guidance for COVID-19 debt service and disclosures. 

GFOA Urges Member Action Against AICPA Proposal

The AICPA has proposed to reduce and then eliminate state and local government accounting and financial reporting content from the...

New Fiscal First Aid Research Report

GFOA highlights a number of tried-and-true retrenchment techniques that can improve cash flow during a crisis and provide time and resources for...