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Lean finance encourages an organizational culture that shows respect for people while fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Respect for People 

Respect for people is achieved by: 

  • Creating a culture of trust and of commitment to the organization members, the mission, and each other;
  • The devolution of decision-making to people closest to a problem;
  • And self-managed and self-organized teams that recognize, analyze, and solve problems.

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Continuous Improvement

The continuous improvement of business processes increases the value that governments provide to their citizens.  Continuous improvement represents a core principle of Lean.  Organizations can continuously improve their business processes through the implementation of PDCA.  They can also utilize standard work to insure the gains achieved with PDCA are maintained.     

  • PDCA
    • Plan - Define the assignment, analyze the problem, develop a solution, and prepare an action plan
    • Do - Perform the action plan or delegate them to others.
    • Check - Evaluate the effects and compare new measurements with old ones and with the goals set for the assignment.
    • Act - Adjustments are made. Make sure that the redesign carries on in practice.  
  • Standard Work
    • Standard Work offers a process whereby gains made with PDCA can be maintained.  In this way, it acts as a lynchpin for PDCA.


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Examples / Case Studies

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City and County of Denver, CO
King County, WA
Roanoke, VA
Gwinnet County, GA
City of Conroe, TX