1. Long Term Vision

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Leadership strategies & Institutionalize Design Principles engaged by this support:

  • Leadership Strategy #1: Convince Participants that Collective Efforts Yield Benefits​: If people see that they can gain from cooperation, they are more likely to engage in it.

  • Leadership Strategy #2: Build Long-Term Time Horizons into Financial Planning​: Local government leaders can encourage people to take a long-term view with multi-year forecasts and financial planning. 


A long-term vision gives people a reason to coppoerate over a sustained period of time and accentuates the need to fairly distribute the costs and benefits of government services across different generations of citizens and residents.  Leaders must also strike a balance between long-term considerations and responding to immediate needs. For instance, merging long-term forecasting with annual budgeting could help plan for both the short and long-term.

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