2. Trust and Open Communication

                  LongTrust and OpenCollectiveSet RulesTreat People Fairly


Leadership strategies & Institutionalize Design Principles engaged by this support:

  • Leadership Strategy #3: Create Open Communication Among all Participants​: Individuals realize their shared interests and arrive at an understanding of how local government resources can be used for the benefits of everyone in the community.
  • Leadership Strategy #4: Help Participants Build Trustworthy Reputations​: Trust is essential, especially when people are going to risk suffering a loss to their individual well-being in order to advance the group's well-being.


Financial sustainability requires open commuication with elected officials, staff, and the public. Inside local government, using strong teams to make decisions fosters open communication. Also, open communication with the public requires new modes of engaging the public than local government has traditionally used. Creating open communication between participants in a common resource system, like a public budget, helps people recognize their shared interests and reach agreement to cooperate. 

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