Andrew Scott

Chief Operating Officer
METRO, Portland, OR

Andrew Scott was appointed as Budget Director for the City of Portland, Oregon in December 2012, coinciding with the creation of a new City Budget Office. Andrew has worked in Portland City government for over 12 years as financial planning manager, business operations manager, and senior financial analyst. Prior to that, Andrew spent five years as a health policy analyst and deputy branch chief at the federal Office of Management and Budget, focused primarily on Medicare, Medicaid, long-term care, and prescription drug policy. Andrew received a B.A. from Drew University and an M.P.P. from Georgetown University, is a past member of the Government Finance Officers Association Committee on Governmental Budgeting and Fiscal Policy, and is a nominee for the GFOA Executive Board. Over the past few years, Andrew has focused on issues of fiscal resiliency and the capacity of cities to manage fiscal crises and recover from financial shocks.