Ashay Prabhu

Co-Founder / Director

Ashay is an Asset Investment Planning practitioner with over 25 years in the strategic asset management domain, and is a co-founder of Assetic - a global Asset Investment Planning and Strategic Asset Management firm that helps public sectors, facility institutions, utilities, and transport agencies unlock billions of dollars of hidden value in their long term financial planning.

Ashay influenced the core methods of Fair Value Analytics and Predictive Modeling Design into the Australian domain in early 2000 - all of which became the cornerstone of Strategic Asset Management (SAM) best practices in Australia.

Ashay has presented over 200 papers and masterclasses on Strategic Asset Management; has led the development of condition algorithms, valuation profiles, and prediction analytics; and is passionate about applying this science to close the global infrastructure renewal gap.

In his latest pursuit for global excellence in the domain, Ashay continues to keep Assetic connected as a leader in the digital twin revolution, embedding machine learning, and removing human bias on high-risk assets. His vision is to keep this simple yet robust, to simulate the twins’ performance, optimize the future view, trade off good versus nice-to-have, and allow stakeholders to visualize multiple future options.

Ashay has a Directorship at the Asia Pacific Institute of Asset Management, is an adjunct professor of Strategic Asset Management at Bond University, holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), and is a chartered professional member of the Institution of Engineers Australia. A futurist with a passion for using analytics to predict what the world would look like if we did things differently, Ashay's hobbies include asset management, cricket and spiritual science.