Federal Advocacy Resource Center

Federal Liaison Center

The center informs GFOA members about federal legislation, regulations, judicial actions, and policies that affect public finance functions, and represent the interests of the GFOA in Washington, DC. GFOA's public policy statements are highlighted during regular contact with congressional leaders and key administration officials. Working with regulatory bodies that address issues affecting state and local governments is also a component of the center's work. Center staff also collects, analyzes, and disseminates information to GFOA members about Washington activities. Additionally, by developing and promoting best practices and policy statements, the center helps the GFOA members and public finance professionals enhance their operations. The Center coordinates the efforts of the GFOA's seven standing committees, the Women'’s Public Finance Network, and the Black Caucus. In addition, the center conducts the Advanced Government Finance Institute, an intensive week-long program that provides GFOA members from the United States and Canada an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and focus on emerging trends within the public finance community. (Washington, D.C.)


2018 Legislative/Regulatory Agenda:

GFOA's Federal Liaison Center monitors legislative and regulatory activities and works to advance the public policy positions adopted by the GFOA membership.

  • Infrastructure
  • Post-Advanced Refunding Issues
  • Marketplace Fairness 
  • HQLA and  Senate Banking Minibus
  • BQ Debt 
  • MSRB and EMMA Improvements
  • IRS Issue Price Rule Implementation and Model Documentation 


Federal Legislative and Regulatory Issues



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