Get Your Personalized GFOA Code of Ethics Poster

The poster version of the code has been summarized to fit on a 24x36 sheet of paper, suitable to be hung on wall and visible for longer distances. If you don’t have the appropriate printer, the poster can easily be printed at a FedEx, OfficeMax, or a similar retail print shop.

You can even personalize the code with your own government’s logo. If your state or provincial GFOA has endorsed the code, you can have version with your state or province listed as well. Here is an example. More states and provinces are considering adopting the code soon, so check with your state or provincial GFOA to see when a poster for your state or province will become available.

All files come with a signature sheet on a 16x20 sheet of paper so the members of your finance office can publicly commit themselves to living the code. Post your signature sheet proudly, alongside your code!

Select your option below:

Note: Templates are PowerPoint files. Once you add your information, convert to PDF and then print. 

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