Kenton Tsoodle

Assistant City Manager
City of Oklahoma City, OK

Kenton Tsoodle currently serves as Assistant Finance Director of the City of Oklahoma City. Kenton's primary responsibilities include providing oversight of the Finance Department's Divisions: Accounting, Office of Management and Budget, Risk Management, Procurement, and Treasury. In addition, Kenton oversees the Finance Department's ERP and other technology systems and is the City's Debt Manager responsible for issuance as well as post issuance compliance. Prior to becoming Assistant Director, Kenton served in various positions in the Finance Department including Finance Business Manager overseeing debt and technology programs, Assistant City Treasurer which was the City's investment officer and banking liaison, as well as various positions in the Office of Management and Budget. Kenton currently serves as a member of the GFOA's debt committee and is a member of the GFOA of Oklahoma.