Mike Newsome

Customer Success Associate

Michael studied law in the United Kingdom and after a period in Articles began a career in financial services. In 1977, Michael immigrated to Canada where he spent several years regulating Credit Unions; providing direction and oversight to those organizations in crisis due to poorly matched maturities and an inverted yield curve.

Spurred on by the dearth of available analytical tools Michael transitioned to a career in technology with Comshare, at the time a leading supplier of decision support and executive information systems. It was there that Michael collaborated with Stafford Beer and developed a lifelong interest in management cybernetics. He also worked extensively with Jack Rockart, Director of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research, on the development of tools to assist in the monitoring of Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators.

Over the past 10 years Michael has held several positions with Questica Inc.; most recently as a Customer Success consultant.