Popular Annual Financial Reporting Awards Program (PAFR Program)

How to Submit a Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) To the Popular Annual Financial Reporting Program

The process used to transmit a PAFR to the program depends on the format used for the PAFR:

Email: E-mail to pafr@gfoa.org: 1) a PDF of the PAFR. If the PAFR is too big to attach, provide the precise hyperlink to the specific page which contains the popular annual financial report in the email; 2) the completed application form: and 3) payment information for the $250.00 fee. If paying by check, indicate clearly in the email that payment will be sent separately. Also make sure the check indicates that it is payment for a Popular Annual Financial Reporting Program review and mail it to GFOA with a copy of the application ONLY. A confirmation email will be sent to the submitter upon receipt.

Hardcopy: Send to the address below: 1) 4 copies of the PAFR; 2) 4 copies of the completed application form; and 3) $300.00 fee.

A fee is not required if this is your second year submission to the Program and the award was not granted in the immediate prior year for a report that was submitted to the Program for the first time.

Mailing address:

Government Finance Officers Association
Popular Annual Financial Reporting Program
Technical Services Center
203 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2700
Chicago, IL 60601