Robert Villar

Assistant Director, Financial Services
Miami-Dade County Transportation and Public Works Department

Robert Villar is the Assistant Director of Financial Services for Miami-Dade County’s Transportation and Public Works Department (DTPW). DTPW enhances, coordinates, and operates the County’s transportation networks with a goal of improving mobility to create a resilient and sustainable community for our residents, businesses and visitors. DTPW operates the 18th largest public transit system in the country (based on annual vehicle revenue miles) and the largest transit agency in the state of Florida.

Mr. Villar holds a Bachelor of Accounting and a Master of Science in Taxation from Florida International University. With over 20 years of Accounting, Budget, Finance and Management Experience, he oversees the DTPW Budget & Performance Reporting, Financial Service, Treasury Services and Grant Administration Divisions with an annual operating budget of over $630 million and a 5-year capital budget over $3.7 billion. Part of Mr. Villar’s duties include the issuance of The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for The Transit Enterprise Fund an Enterprise Fund of Miami-Dade County, Florida. He is also an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College where he teaches Accounting and Tax.