Virtual Conference Exhibitor and Sponsor FAQ

If you were a registered sponsor and/or exhibitor for GFOA’s 114th Annual Conference in New Orleans, we can apply any fees not yet refunded to sponsor and/or exhibit opportunities for GFOA’s 2020 Virtual Conference.


  • When will you have details about how to build a “tile” for our virtual sponsorship or exhibit opportunity?

Instructions are now available. Once you are signed up to sponsor or exhibit, GFOA staff will contact you with deatils and next steps for building your tile.

  • What will the sponsor and exhibit “tile” look like?

Click here to view a sample of the overall tile layout. Click here to view a sample page once you click on the tile. Please note that the sample links are provided from another organization’s conference. 

  • What parameters are there for files (video, images, ads, infographics, etc.) that sponsors and exhibitors should follow when building their tile on the virtual conference platform site?  

Any documents that you would normally see on a website can be built on the virtual conference platform site. If a file size is more than 50mb, we advise you to post it to YouTube/Vimeo and to share the link on your tile. If your company already has created a webpage that hosts multiple videos or commercials, you have the option to include that link on your tile to drive engagement to that page.

  • What will GFOA's virtual conference platform look like?

Click here to see a draft of the platform, which is still being built.

  • How will be sponsors be highlighted in the Virtual Conference platform?

There will be a dedicated page listing sponsors by level.

  • How long will my company’s information be available on the virtual platform site?

GFOA’s Virtual Conference will run live May 18 through June 26, 2020, with archived content available through September 30, 2020. Virtual conference attendees will only be able to access the conference material through the same landing page that will house the sponsor and exhibitor information.

  • Can we set up virtual meetings? 

If you can dream it, the site can probably support it. If you built a virtual meeting location or booth for another conference, you can provide that URL to your sponsor and/or exhibitor tile.

  • Will I have the ability to interact with attendees from my tile? 

Your information can be listed on you tile with a preferred method of communication. If you have a web-conferencing tool (Zoom, Webex, etc.), you would be able to post a link and list the times you would be available to demo or chat.

  • Will sponsors and exhibitors be included in GFOA's Virtual Conference mobile app?

Yes. Each sponsor will be listed in the app and linked directly to their tile on the Virtual Conference platform. A link to GFOA's Virtual Exhibit Hall will also be included in the app.

  • What other engagement can we have with attendees?

You commitment to the Virtual Conference will put your business “front and center” before an engaged audience who are interested in the services and solutions your company provides to make their government resilient and more efficient. The information you include on your tile to promote engagement is the first step towards building a larger collaboration with GFOA attendees.

  • Can we sponsor a specific session? 

No, but we anticipate highlighting sponsorship during session breaks, special messaging, and social media. 

  • Will GFOA assist with marketing our company? 

GFOA will be marketing to our members that sponsoring and exhibiting are integral parts of the Virtual Conference experience.  

  • As a sponsor, do I receive a tile?

Yes, each sponsor will receive a tile that will appear on a dedicated sponsor page. 

  • If I was already signed up to sponsor and/or exhibit at GFOA’s 114th Annual Conference in New Orleans, am I already included in the Buyers Guide?

Yes. In appreciation of your support, your company is already included in the Buyers Guide.

GFOA will highlight categories of companies over the next months including in GFOA’s membership newsletter, which is distributed weekly to GFOA’s more than 21,000+ members.

  • Will we have an opportunity to connect with GFOA members and attendees through social media?  

Yes, you will be able to include your preferred social media feeds on your sponsor and/or exhibitor tile.

  • How much time is dedicated to sponsors and exhibitors as part of the Virtual Conference? 

The Virtual Conference landing page will be live for six months. The sponsor and exhibitor information will be available 24/7 from May 18 to September 30, 2020.

  • Will I receive e-mails or an attendee list if I am a sponsor or exhibitor? 

We will not be providing e-mails, but on May 15 we will furnish a registrant list that will include each attendee name, title, and employer.

  • Does my sponsorship or exhibit commitment include a registration to attend Virtual Conference sessions? 

Yes, we will provide one complimentary registration fee to participate in the Virtual Conference sessions for each $1,000 committed. Please note: Once the Virtual Conference begins, we cannot substitute or transfer your registration to a different user.

  • How can my partners get involved?

Please contact us at and we will send information to your partners about sponsorship and exhibit opportunities.

  • Is there a limit on the size of the virtual exhibit hall?

No, we can support all interested exhibitors in the virtual hall. Please note that there will be some limits on the size of files and videos that can be posted and uploaded to your tile.

  • Can GFOA’s chatbot tell attendees about my company?

The chatbot will direct interested individuals to your Buyer’s Guide page if they ask about your company specifically, or to certain products/services categories. Make sure your page is accurate and that you have selected your products/services categories so that your page will be included in the results.

  • Can we market GFOA’s Virtual Conference on our company webpage, e-mail blasts, or other avenues? 

Absolutely! We encourage you to promote it. Upon request (e-mail, we would be happy to send you our Virtual Conference logo for posting.

  • How can my company help support GFOA members during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In order to get as many quality Fiscal First Aid resources to GFOA members as quickly as possible, GFOA is working with private sector firms that have agreed to provide their expertise free of charge. Click here to view companies already participating. To list your resources, please complete GFOA's vendor sharing resource form.


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