Dedicated to the sound management of government financial resources, GFOA provides professional development opportunities to state, provincial, and local level government officials and other finance practitioners each year. Courses are presented as basic, intermediate, advanced, update, or overview.

Take part in CPE accredited: 

  • Group-live courses - Take advantage of courses close to home or in your area by participating in a one or two-day seminar with a GFOA instructor
  • Immersion courses - Maximize your opportunities by taking part in GFOA's week-long Accounting or four-day Budget Academy.
  • Internet-based seminars - Enjoy the convenience of training at your desktop by viewing GFOA's one or two-hour presentations 
  • Live-Streaming courses - Save on travel by watching a live video stream of the course on your computer
  • Preconference and annual conference sessions - Thousands of public finance professionals gather each year for this three-day conference to share ideas, develop technical and managerial skills, view new products, and network with peers.  

Group Discounts: To qualify for group discounts, registrations must be received and paid together. The discount cannot be applied to online registrations processed through GFOA’s e-store.